Tension Headache Cure Program


Hi Michelle,
Have shared a similar experience to yours and many other headache sufferers trying everything. After dealing with the side effects of many medications & physician incompetence to prescribing more of the same I made the decision to treat my daily tension headaches naturally, about a year ago. The problem is that I still have them, even though they are at a somewhat lower more tolerable level. My issue is that they sometimes they trigger my migraines, which are a much more serious problem. I exercise daily, but have not done any of the weight training you describe in your essay. Also I have not tried sitting in a Sauna. I did have a PT who I was working with that would use that hot/cold treatment, but I only received short term benefits from that treatment. Which is kind of my experience with all the treatments that I have tried.

A couple questions for you. Can you beat this thing without taking prescription medication? What specific types of Yoga have you found to be more effective? Would you recommend Personal Trainer on the weights (I never have used weights before)? & Lastly Does improving one's posture while sitting, reclining, driving etc help? Thanks again, and I would have to agree that even though you are not medically trained you know your subject matter very well. Matter of fact I wish several of the Neurologists that I have seen would have read your piece.
M. G.

For about two and a half years I had either a headache or head pressure every day. My stress headache simply gone. You gave me tools to deal with my headaches so effectively. It really works.
With great thanks.
A. C.

I think the upper body exercise is KEY, plus I just started taking the Pamelor 25mg. I still have headaches, but they are not nearly as bad nor do they seem to stay for days or weeks, like before. It is great to get just a "normal headache".
Thanks for the input.
C. R.

I received the Headache Treatment material you sent me. It certainly has a great deal of information that will be helpful, since I suffer with tension headaches that are likely caused by my work as an accountant who sits behind a computer almost all day every day. Thanks for putting this information together. I'm going to try to acupuncture and yoga. I've tried some of the trycyclics for several months but they seem to diminish my mental abilities.
Best wishes.
M. M.

Dear Michelle, I read your program and feel overwhelmed. Many frustrating years behind and I’ve got a light at the end of tunnel. I suffer from Tension Headache for almost 20 years until now. I am 42 years old now. Actually this illness term not really used by doctors in India. Browsing the Internet I found out that I am not along, many people have same symptoms and same questions as I do, but with your program I’ve got answers for all of them.
Thanks and regards,
M. P. ,Bangalore

I have had severe headaches for several years and have tried several different medications and had no success with any of them, I consulted doctors, neurologists, chiropractors and spent hundreds of dollars for head scans and x-rays, all to no avail.

Since taking your advice and following your recommended program, my pain has disappeared.
K. W.

My headaches were very bad. I was not able to work, drive, or function at all because of the pain. I credit your program for the largest part of my improvement. Only after I started to follow your program I first saw a reduction in headache frequency. I am able to function at my regular pace and feel great. Thanks Michelle!
H. G.

I have not had a headache for a day and I get them everyday of my life. I follow your program and it greatly improved my headaches. I was amazed and thrilled with the results. This is the best $20.00 I have ever spent.
M. K.

Hello Michelle,
Just to let you know that I got your program and I liked what I read, just knowing the fact that it is possible to get over this condition. It's funny, in the last 5 years I went through so many doctors (2 neuro. (cat scan, mri etc) sinuses doctor) including my family doctor and friend and nobody ever realized that my headaches are due to anxiety and mild depression…