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Q. Hello Michelle -
Your program looks interesting. Is it possible to follow it without any medication usage? I'm not interested in taking any sort of synthetic meds for this, as I'm convinced there is a means of beating it naturopathically. Do you address nutrition at all? Bowel function? I believe the headache is nothing more than an "error message on the screen" that is indicating a problem with something else happening. Just don't know what. :)

A. Hi there!
Thank you for visiting my site. Yes, I agree with you that headache is nothing more than an "error message on the screen". It’s obvious that to terminate this message we need to eradicate the source. Every element of my program will help you to carry out this uneasy task to some extend. However, in case of very long period of unbreakable headaches prescription medication is a powerful factor. It is giving patient initial momentum, a starting point.
I understand your reaction toward pills. I remember myself 5 years ago. Every day now when I am opening my E-mail box I see about 10-15 messages similar to yours. It is common reaction.
Perhaps my case was very bad. I was not able to perform any kind of work, to drive a car, even walking was under big question so dizzy I was. I hope you are not at that stage yet. So, you are the lucky one. About nutrition.
I did try countless naturopathic things, it was not much help. I think that was the starting point in creation of this program. You’ll probably find some of the elements of it a little excessive, but it is working, that’s what important.
Good luck.
M. S.

Q. Do medicines and supplements recommended in your program cause stomach irritation?
A. As of my personal experience and research none of the medicine and supplements, which I recommend in my program, can cause stomach irritation. However you should consult your physician or neurologist, revealing your intention.

Q. Do medicines recommended in your program contain caffeine?
A. No. They don’t. None of the medicine I advise in my program contains caffeine.

Q. One of the frequently asked questions if I could recommend a Particular Neurologist in New York area.
A. From my experience I know how difficult is to find a good neurologist, who can look beyond traditional tests and who has his own unique approach. There are two whom I would highly praised and recommend to anyone:

Doctor Alexander Mauskop , New York headache center

Doctor Stephen D. Silberstein , Jefferson Headache Center, Philadelphia

Q. Are natural supplements you recommend really harmful? Are there any side affects?
A. There is no side effects. You can find more information about it in my program.

Q. How important exercises and relaxation for my cure?
A. It is very important. As well as to follow the precise medication’s regimen and at least 2-3 other options I’ve described in my program.

Q. Do I really need MRI test if I have persistent tension headache? MRI test is very expensive. I do not have medical coverage. Should I really go for it?
A. When you are experiencing persistent headaches it may be difficult for you to know whether you are having Chronic Tension Headache or are facing a serious life-threatening health crisis. A neurological examination (and MRI scan is part of it) can rule out brain tumor, meningitis, acute glaucoma, etc. MRI provides an unparalleled view inside the human body. The level of detail we can see is extraordinary compared with any other imaging modality. Try not to worry too much, because most of the conditions described above are extremely rare.

Q. Is your program for Migraine Sufferers as well?
A. Some neurologists are placing equation mark between migraine and severe tension headache. And sometimes the migraine pain causes a secondary tension headache. If you are a migraine sufferer and also get tension headaches, there is a point at which it can be difficult to tell the difference between a migraine and a bad muscle tension or stress headaches. I have of positive feedback from Migraine Sufferers, who decided to give my program a shot. They are claming reduction in severity and frequency of attacks.

However, I couldn’t get a credit for it. I’ve never experienced abrupt severe headache, which is coming without any warning. My chronic headache was accumulating slowly day by day if not month by month, sometimes reaching upper pain level. So it doesn’t fit into Migraine’s description. Again, I just don’t want to mislead people who are suffering from migraines and present my program as a typical Internet’s Magic Pill for various neurological disorders .

Q. Is your program coming with some kind of guarantee?
A. Yes it is. Follow my instructions for medication regiment and be consistent with exercise. I guarantee you’ll see a great reduction in the frequency and intensity of your tension headaches as soon as you start. Unfortunately inconsistency and decrease of intensity are very common things for a human nature. A soon as we feel some pain reduction we automatically reduce our entire effort and (that is the worst) start taking medications on occasional manner. Then we are back to where we started - unbreakable loop of frequent headache. In my program I teach “Headache’s Intelligence”. So, everyone can understand the nature, cause of headaches and find his way in uneasy task of headaches elimination.

Q. I’m 230 pounds, so should I go for higher dosage of Pamelor than you recommend in your program?
A. It is a very valid question, but your weight is not what determines how high you can go with Pamelor (Nortriptyline). Metabolism is the major one. Your physician must send you for a blood work, counting actual percentage of Nortriptyline in your blood. That will determen absolute risk free zone for you. If he is reluctant to do so or made a discovery of existence of this test upon your request, you should change him.

Q. I don’t feel comfortable to provide unknown merchant with my credit card number. How can I be reassured that my private information wouldn’t be used for something against my will?
A. I do certainly understand your concern. My site is hosted by Yahoo! store in collaboration with Paymenttech and METARAMP Inc. Powerful software and secure server network protect all of your transactions. I guarantee that every transaction you make at medgrip.com will be 100% secure.
If you are still not convinced or unable to pay by credit card, payment by check is available.

Michelle Simkins.

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